We are glad to announce our Keynote Speakers for this year:


Dave Raggett (W3C), he is member of the W3C Team and a visiting professor at the University of the West of England. He is currently W3C Staff contact for the Web of Things and Web Payments Interest Groups. He has participated in a number of European research projects: COMPOSE, webinos, Serenoa and PrimeLife. He likes to dabble with software, and he is currently working on a suite of Web of Things servers, browser based editing, and an experimental framework for the Web of Thought.

Dave’s keynote talk will be “The Web of Things as a framework for Semantic Interoperability”. He will address the role of the Web of things as an abstraction layer that complements IoT standards like oneM2M, the vocabulary for describing interaction models, the link to semantic models, and preliminary work on discovery, validation, composition and adaptation.



Stefan Decker (Fraunhofer-FIT Director), he has been university professor of information systems and databases at the Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Natural Sciences at RWTH Aachen University since September 2015. He is also the director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology FIT. His research focuses are in the field of information integration and representation of distributed data, specifically in the field of semantic web and linked data with applications in industry, science, and technology

Stefan’s talk will be “Singularity in the History of Human Kind: Globally Interconnected, Integrated and Accesible Machine Readable Knowledge (TBC)”, According to his view we are moving towards a singularity in the history of human kind: globally interconnected, integrated, and accessible machine readable knowledge, vastly improving human problem solving capabilities in business, science and society. He will address the insightful challenges at the Linked-Data paradigm for enabling a Connected World by means of combining Semantics and Interoperability and thus enabling access the world’s knowledge at a time when the world is experiencing challenges which require all our combined knowledge and ingenuity. He will address the fact that enabling and exploiting this singularity, called Networked Knowledge, can be used for the benefit of humankind.